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Google Analytics iPhone App - Fast Analytics

Fast Analytics

Version 2.0

Fast Analytics is the premier app for viewing Google Analytics™ data on your mobile. We make it fast, simple and fun to see the numbers you need, when you need them.

  • Easily switch between multiple Google Analytics™ accounts and websites
  • Fantastic dashboard for fast access to common stats
  • View stats over 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year time periods
  • Content, traffic sources and search engine keyword reports
  • Visitor browser, country and engagement reports.
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 4.3 or above. WiFi or cell network connection and a Google Analytics ™ account required.

Beautifully designed dashboard for fast access to common stats

Big, bold views to help you read your visitor, referrer and browser data, easily

We want your feedback to decide on new features...

First impressions are really good for this app. I've got my personal site set up here and a few of my clients sites too. I tried a few google analytics apps, but nothing lets me switch accounts this easily, so I'm giving it five stars.

keljth - via iTunes

I love how simple it is to use and how the overviews show what you really want to see at an instant. Ace.

@andrewburnett - via Twitter

I like it so far - simple app but does it all very well.

Bella18-30 - via iTunes
Why we built this app

Our customers told us that other Analytics apps are too heavy on the data - making it difficult to navigate through the screens to find anything meaningful. We developed Fast Analytics to focus on bringing real value by giving you the key numbers, without having to search for them.

Mobile stats should be Fast

By taking the view that in-depth stats analysis is something best done on the desktop, our approach is to give you Fast access to the headline data, easily and intuitively.

Speed and beauty

We believe Fast Analytics is the best looking and the most intuitive Google Analytics™ app on the market. It really is a pleasure to use and built by a team that value your feedback so we can make the app even better in the future!

We Make Mobile and Web Apps

We are Fast Fwd Multimedia Ltd. - a Digital Agency in Birmingham, UK. We design effective websites, and build technically complex internet applications. As you can see, we also develop iOS Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Who do we work for?

We have clients in several countries, ranging from international insurance service firms, to independent high street retailers and private individuals. We also work for other Agencies, helping them fulfil large projects and handling the technical delivery of their products to their clients.

What can we do for you?

Let's have a chat. Start by getting in touch with us via the fastfwd website or the contact tab of this site.

App Screenshots

Fast Analytics 2.0

Released on 20 June 2013
  • This version contains an all new, overhauled interface design as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements

Fast Analytics 1.2

Released on 08 Nov 2012
  • iPhone 5 screen optimisation
  • Added links to content report (only visible for valid URL destination)
  • White tooltip appearing above touch
  • Getting Data flickering fixed
  • Engagement report opening crash fixed
  • Loading graphic properly dismissed
  • "Uniques" showing correct value
  • Charts appearing only from Dashboard and compatible with iOS6
  • Typo on Engagement report fixed
  • Performance improvements
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Fast Analytics 1.1

Released on 11 Sep 2012
  • Compatibility with Google's updated API
  • Today" data added for all reports
  • Engagement report added, showing how long visitors spent on your website
  • Content report added, showing which pages had the most views
  • Charts added: rotate your phone to landscape when in the Dashboard tab
  • "Pull-to-refresh" feature added. Just pull any tabular report down, to refresh data
  • Tooltips added to tabular data, where content does not fit within row. Just hold down your finger on the blue text
  • Open in Safari option when reviewing source of visits or keyword searches.

Fast Analytics 1.0

Released on 07 October 2011
  • Add multiple Google Analytics™ accounts and quickly switch between them
  • View stats for multiple web properties for each account
  • Get stats for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year time periods
  • Visit referrer pages right from within the report
  • Search the keyword that got the visitor to your site
  • View browser breakdown to help you focus your development resources
  • List the countries from where your visitors originated

Privacy Policy

From the app...

This app is provided for your enjoyment and to give you an overview of your Google Analytics™ data.

To access that data we ask that you authenticate yourself with your username and password directly with Google's servers, via a special webpage displayed within this app when you first create a new account.

Your authentication, as recommended by Google, uses OAuth 2.0 which does not expose your password to us nor to this app. Instead, a token is sent from Google to this device and stored so that you do not have to re-authenticate with your username and password every time you request updated Analytics data.

This app does not collect or harvest your private Analytics data.

The token remains private on this device and will be backed up to iTunes® during the normal device backup routine that occurs when you synchronise with your computer.

You can remove your Analytics account from this app at any time. When you do, the app removes the Analytics token from your device and sends a de-authorization notice to Google, so that the token also becomes invalid.

We are committed to your privacy and ask that you get in touch with us directly if you have any privacy concerns.

- The Team at

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